build your own milestone banner

Making run-through banners for players celebrating 50 or 100 games

You will need:

  • Navy blue crepe paper (normally around 3 x 2 metres, see instructions below)
  • sticky tape
  • white paper to use for letters.
  • poles x 2

here is a letters template you can use 

The Eddie logo can be emailed on request.


  • Work out what message to use on your banner, and how many of each character you will need.




  • Using the letter templates and white paper, print out the letters/numbers you will use on the banner.
  • Cut out the letters and numbers.
  • Print out Eddie logo (if using) and cut out.
  • Lay out lengths of crepe/tissue paper that will be the background for the banner.

There would normally be 3-4 lengths of paper to make the desired banner width, normally around 3 metres. These should be joined together with ~ 20 cm sections of sticky tape rather than a continuous length of tape so that players can break through it easily.

  • Roll the ends of the banner around the poles and attach securely with tape.
  • Arrange the letters/numbers on the banner and attach with sticky tape/double sided tape. 
  • Roll it up for transport. It’s a good idea to wrap it in plastic if it is likely to rain