EAJFC 2022 Registrations Open

EAJFC 2022 Registrations are now open.


When registering please have a valid Visa or MasterCard to complete payment.

If you are registering a NEW member to EAJFC, please use your existing PlayHQ login or create a new account. 

If you are a returning member, please login with your existing PlayHQ login email address and you will be promoted to claim your profile, which will bring across all previous information.

Child 1 - $220.00 
Child 2 - $175.00 (voucher code 088B8E3C)
Child 3 - $75.00 (voucher code 31CDF901)
Child 4 - $75.00 (voucher code C9213D3F)

Register your children as soon as possible to ensure their place in a team.

Rock Quiz 2022
04 June, 7:00 pm
St Louis De Montfort Hall
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About Us

Everyone wants to be #1… and we are striving to be just that. We are passionate about our boys and girls, our team’s development, our community and our club sportsmanship,

We provide a safe, fun and educational environment for all our junior Footballers and we believe we have have the best coaches and support of parents bar none. 

We provide teams in Under 9's with teams in every age group up to and including the Under 17's competition . This includes under 12, under 14 and under 16's girls teams.

Check out the players and committee who make up our winning team and of course our coaches who are the people who coach our young kids.

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Our Values

Goal Keeper

The Edithvale Aspendale Junior Football Club aims to provide an opportunity for the members of our local area to participate in Australian Rules Football and enhance their health and wellbeing through organised sport. The Club, will at all times, endeavour to provide for the health, welfare and wellbeing of its members.


This aim will be achieved by promoting and developing the following values and objectives:


  1. DEVELOPMENT – nurture the physical and mental development of our members

  2. SAFETY - foster a safe club environment

  3. ONE CLUB - Eagles #weflyasone

  4. INCLUSION – equal opportunity for everyone

  5. ENJOYMENT – fun and participation ahead of winning̈

  6. RESPECT – for each other, officials and opponents

Children play sport for the challenge of the contest.


Children like to win but participation & fun come first.


Parents need to set the right example at the game.


Parents should be proud irrespective of the result.


Sport is vital to developing children’s self esteem.


Sport for children is a key part of their growing up