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Coaching Application


Coaching applications are  now open

Apply here:-


The purpose of this document is to outline some basic information on topics that are commonly raised by Coaches throughout the season.

It is important that you carefully read and understand the information contained here as some of the content may have a bearing on your decision to either accept or reject an offer of appointment to coach, should it be extended to you.

The Executive and General Committees reserve the right to vary, introduce or void the rules and guidelines as they consider necessary and without prior notice being given.

General/Operational Information:

Pages 6 & 7 cover topics such as:-

What is expected, Merit, Tenure, Dismissal, Codes of Conduct, General Information, Meetings, Game Day Set Up & Pack Up, Building Security, Awards Nights, Uniform, Fundraising/Social Function, Communication.

Coaches Code of Conduct:

Included for your retention, is a copy of the clubs “Coaches Code of Conduct”. Any alleged breach of EAJFC Codes of Conduct will be investigated by the nominated representatives of committee. The representatives will determine whether a breach has occurred and if so, what penalty will be applied. This action is separate to any penalty that may be handed down by the Frankston District Junior Football League (FDJFL) for incidents reported to them. This is to be signed and returned with your application.


All applications are judged on their own merit. Our objective is to appoint quality coaches that are suitably matched to a team. Consideration will be given to the applicant’s knowledge, experience and personality in relation to the age group they are applying for. An applicant does not have to have a child of their own either playing at the club or in the team they are applying to coach for. Appointed Coaches MUST have a current Working with Children’s Card (WWC).


Coaches are appointed for one (1) season tenure. Commencing from the date of appointment and terminating on the completion of your EAJFC Presentation Day. All Coaches positions are then deemed to be vacant and applications will be sought from both existing coaches and new people for the following season.


EAJFC reserves the right to dismiss a coach without prior notice if the EAJFC Operations/Executive Committee feels justified in doing so.


All Applicants will be contacted to attend an interview with club representatives

General Information


What you can expect from our club


► Appreciation & respect                                             ► Information

►Consultation & Supervision                                      ► Openness & Honesty

► Recognition                                                                 ►Support & Guidance


What our club expects from you


►Your Commitment                                                      ►Your Time

►Your Enthusiasm                                                         ►Your Honesty

►Your Discretion                                                            ►Your support in Club decisions


Characteristics of a good Coach


►Well organised, Energetic & Enthusiastic                ►Patient & Understanding

►Fair & Consistent                                                         ►Encouraging & Supportive

►Creative & Flexible                                                      ►Fun to be around

►A careful observer & thoughtful planner                ►Good at delegating tasks

►Committed to improving their coaching                 ►Interested in the wellbeing of all players


Special Skills Required


►Leadership Skills

►Effective Communicator

►Ability to analyse, study, plan & assess the game as it develops

►Knowledge of football skills – technical & tactical

►Ability to deal with a wide range of players, officials &supporters

►Level 1 or 2 AFL Coach Accreditation (Coach Accreditation Courses are advised & paid for by EAJFC)


Duties & Responsibilities


►Adhere to & promote the Coach, league & club codes of Practice/Conduct

►Accept & abide by all committee decisions

►Have a competent understanding of game, competition, league & club rules

►Attend all matches and training sessions

►Plan, organize & run training sessions with age appropriate drills & development training

►Encourage & support all players to reach their full potential & maximize their enjoyment

►Identify individual player skill levels and matches the learning experience for that player

►Encourage parents to become your helpers at training sessions & on game day

►Provide clear instruction and feedback to the team and individual players

►Attend club meetings on request, represent the club at official club functions & activities

►Continually seek to upgrade skills, knowledge of the game & training techniques

►Have an understanding of injury prevention, care & risk management

►Develop team morale and a rapport (a connection) with the players

►Make every effort to ensure that each players participation is a fun & positive experience

►If you are unable to Coach game-day for some reason (ie. holidays or sick) we ask that you please contact Operations Committee so that we can ensure that a Level 1 Coach is able to replace you for the game(s).

Operational Duties


Meetings: Attendance at Coaches meetings is compulsory. All meetings are called at the discretion of the Coaching Coordinator. A typical year will include 1 Pre-season Coaches & Team Managers meeting and 1-2 Coaches education meetings.

Set Up/Pack Up & Building Security: Set up: EAJFC Committee set up both grounds every Sunday morning. Pack up: the last home team coach/team manager are responsible for packing up the ground for the day. Training Sessions:  the coach is responsible for set up and pack up on the completion of their training session. Team parents are asked to help out but the final responsibility remains with the Coach. Duties include but are not limited to: Turning oval lights on/off. Checking & locking all doors. Returning all training gear and other items and neatly storing in their designated area. Putting out/bringing in goal post padding, rubbish bins, stretchers, banners, sweeping out rooms etc. Ensure keys are returned to the key safe.

Award Nights: Throughout the season, the club hosts Sunday night speeches/award nights where the club comes together to celebrate the player’s game-day achievements and participation. The Coach is required to attend your team award sessions and encourage the players to do the same. EAJFC Committee will advise the format of the nights for the coming season in due course.

EAJFC will pay for one (1) Team ‘Pie or pizza’ bonding night to be scheduled at your discretion to the value of $170.00. Receipts are to be scanned and emailed to along with your bank details for EFT transfer reimbursement.

Uniform: Coaches and Team Managers will be fitted/supplied EAJFC Apparel at the commencement of each season to be worn on game-day or whenever you may be representing EAJFC at FDJFL/other meetings. Coaches and Team Managers will receive training/game equipment bags, footy’s, first aid kits etc. for the season.

Fundraising Functions & Activities: EAJFC schedule one (u9s-u12s) kids disco (which is not a fundraising night) and one or two ‘Parents/Family/Friends’ Social functions during the season. Coaches and Team Managers are asked to support the club with the social functions and any other such fundraising efforts by way of their own participation and their encouragement of others in the team to do the same. Any monies raised is used for purchasing general junior footy equipment etc, on-going training, educational workshops (such as the SALT program) and covering the cost of Coach/Team Manager apparel.

Voting & Trophies: End of year trophies are determined as follows:

Trophies: All teams will award 5 main trophies.

  • U9s and u10s will be asked to nominate 5 x Golden Eagle awards

  • u11s to u18s top 5 consists of: Best & Fairest (most votes) Runner Up Best & Fairest (2nd most votes) and 3 other awards to be awarded at your discretion (ie. Most consistent, determined, courageous etc)

  • u9s to u12s players who do not receive a main-award trophy, will receive a participation trophy.


  • U9s and u10s: vote slips are not required – your top 5 are nominated by Coach/Team Manager.

  • u11s to u18s:- 3 – 4 vote slips are to be completed and placed in an envelope each week which will be placed in a designated box at Regents Park club rooms.


The vote slips are to be confidentially completed by Coach, one other coaching staff member, and 1-2 parents. Votes are awarded as 4 votes, 3 votes, 2 votes, 1 vote.


Communication: All communication from the club to the coaches must be replied to or acted upon without delay. The EAJFC Secretary is the only person permitted to contact or correspond with FDJFL on any matter relating to EAJFC. If you have any concerns to raise then please forward to

In Summary: If you have any questions or queries, please direct them to the Coaching Coordinator. If you accept an offer to coach at EAJFC you will be expected to abide by all club policies, codes of conduct and instructions from the EAJFC Operations and/or Executive Committees.

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