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Our Values

The Edithvale Aspendale Junior Football Club aims to provide an opportunity for the members of our local area to participate in Australian Rules Football and enhance their health and wellbeing through organised sport. The Club, will at all times, endeavour to provide for the health, welfare and wellbeing of its members. This aim will be achieved by promoting and developing the following values and objectives:


  1. DEVELOPMENT – nurture the physical and mental development of our members

  2. SAFETY— foster a safe club environment

  3. ONE CLUB—Eagles #weflyasone

  4. INCLUSION – equal opportunity for everyone

  5. ENJOYMENT – fun and participation ahead of winning̈

  6. RESPECT – for each other, officials and opponents

The values will be realised by providing as far as reasonable— Competent coaches and assistants; Adequate facilities, amenities and equipment; Supervised social functions encouraging family participation; Regular communication and consultation with players and parents; Active leadership and management of the Club.


All players, Coaches and Officials, parents, supporters and Committee members have a responsibility at all times when representing the Edithvale Aspendale Junior Football Club to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner consistent with these values.

Club Philosophy

“It’s all about the Kids” sums up the Edithvale Aspendale Junior Football Club Philosophy.

Every effort must be made to ensure that all players have equal opportunity to develop and enjoy their football. We recognize that the maintenance of equity has a profound effect on players self esteem, skill development, fitness and understanding of the game. We also acknowledge however, that as players move through the age groups, the implementation of equity may vary slightly.


Coaches and Parents must ensure that they avoid prioritising winning over maximizing participation, enjoyment and improvement for all players regardless of ability. All coaches are to ensure that every player is recognised as being an equal member of the team with a valuable contribution to make. We also recognise that goals are best achieved by working as a team and by fostering team harmony at all times.


Skill development of all players is a major focus of our club. Each year we will appoint a Junior Development Officer who will co-ordinated via the Match Committee. This role, along with the Match Committee, will provide additional resources to assist coaches to achieve a greater level of player development. Parental involvement at training is also actively encouraged. We seek to create an environment where we encourage players to perform to the best of their ability and take pride in their performance -regardless of the scoreboard. The aim of each team should be to ‘be the best team they can be’ not just to ‘be the best team’.


As a general principal, we aim to play each side in the highest division in which they will be competitive rather than trying to artificially grade them lower just to aim to win a premiership as we believe this is far better for their football development.

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