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It’s important to remember this now and at all times. Let’s keep junior sport in perspective. The EAJFC is about fun, fitness, development and participation - we are not solely focused on winning..


As a club we want all kids and famimilies to have enjoy their football experience and most importantly that all our players have fun each and every week.

We are a club that encourages and embraces involvement by all families. The ability for our kids to play and enjoy football each week is very dependent on parents/family members volunteering to help out each week.


Many hands make light work.


There are many things that need to be done around the club and we need you to help out.  The kids love having you involved and it's lots of fun for everyone.


Some potential roles include:-



  1. Coach

  2. Assistant Coach

  3. Team Manager

  4. Field Umpire (under 8 - 10_

  5. Boundary Umpire

  6. Goal Umpire

  7. Ground Marshall

  8. Orange / Lollies Person

  9. Time Keeper and Scorer (home games only)

  10. Team Runner

  11. Trainers (maximum of two)

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