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Team / Friend Request

Our mission is to place emphasis on player participation and enjoyment and the nurturing of physical and emotional development and well-being. We actively encourage the principles of team-work and club spirit, promoting participation right through to under 17/18's.

There are no guarantees of a player to be in a certain team, or to always remain in a certain team. There are often many factors involved in Team Formation, and while best endeavours are made to accommodate requests, this will only be achieved if other criteria are met.


Team allocation will consider factors such as school attended, friendship groups, team numbers, and where considered appropriate, player skill and abilities to aid team competitiveness for their respective playing division. Teams will not be formed predominantly from a single school with no more than 50% of players from a single school where such options exists, nor to single-mindedly strive for on-field success at the expense of overall player participation, enjoyment and development.

Please select below your team preference and/or up to 2 friends that you would like you child to play with.

Select a team and/or up to 2 friends

Select an age group

Request a coach

Request up to 2 friends

Are there any days that you can not train

Please add any comments and reasons for this request

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