Registrations for the 2020 season are now open..

Welcome to season 2020 with Edithvale Aspendale Junior Football (EAJFC) Club. 
Please note that to continue with the registration process you will need a valid Visa or MasterCard to complete payment at the end. 

If you are registering a NEW member to EAJFC, you will need to have a scanned PDF copy of Birth ID, (ie. birth certificate or passport) to attach to this online registration. Members re-registering do not have to upload a Birth ID document as we already have that on file from when you initially registered. 

2020 Prices will be:- 

Child 1 - $220.00 
Child 2 - $175.00 
Child 3 & 4 - $75.00 

Privacy Policy

Regents Park, Sixth Avenue Aspendale VIC Australia 3195