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EAJFC Social Media Policy

Guidelines for Social Networking and Electronic Communication

In an increasingly "Social" world, Edithvale Aspendale Junior Football Club (EAJFC) and all its members must adhere to the EAJFC Social Networking Policy as described below to protect the players, officials and club members from our Club, umpires and the wider junior football community. Any member using Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such similar programs and in some cases YouTube where video clips are uploaded may do so, however, comments, videos or accusations that can be deemed improper, intimidating, racist, sexist or degrading are strictly prohibited when the content involved is of an AFL nature. Should you wish to upload any video clip vision to YouTube that involves any vision of a club member or League official member that you are unsure if it could be deemed improper, intimidating, racist, sexist or degrading then you are requested to seek approval from EAJFC committee so as to not breach this policy.


Whilst the club understands that individuals have a right to freedom of speech, there is a Code of Conduct Policy drawn up by our governing body "The VCFL" that all Clubs, players, coaches, club officials and club members/ supporters must abide by for the club to be granted a licence to play. The policy requires that an individual or individuals be held to the same standards for Social Media that they would normally and reasonably be held to in other forms or public communications. Comments or accusations that can be deemed improper, intimidating, racist, sexist or degrading can result in disciplinary action from EAJFC, fines and/or the requirement to attend an Independent VCFL Tribunal. Using the VCFL’S Reports and Tribunals regulations, behaviour which is considered unacceptable can be bought to the Tribunal even if the behaviour did not occur on the field and as long as an incident is AFL related, then it falls under the jurisdiction of the Tribunal. This type of behaviour is totally unacceptable in AFL at any level and will not be tolerated by EAJFC or the Leagues governing body.


If you have not read the VCFL Code of Conduct Policy, please click on the link below or the link on our website or feel free to ask a committee member to obtain a copy for you.


Under the clubs new stance in relation to this policy, EAJFC would like to make it very clear to its players, coaches, officials and club members, that you are responsible for your statements and actions unless written approval has been granted by the club to make comment on a matter. Any misuse of a Social Networking site on AFL matters, which includes comments made about our club, the League, an opposition player or club, club member, or official which can be deemed improper, intimidating, racist, sexist or degrading will not be tolerated and EAJFC will have no hesitation in referring the matter to the VCFL’S Independent Tribunal. EAJFC will cooperate with any direction then given by the Tribunal or VCFL offices with regards to the matter. Any costs associated with Tribunal proceedings will be payable by the person or persons that is/are reported to the Tribunal should they be found in breach of this policy.


In addition, EAJFC would remind its players, officials, club members and supporters that Social Networking postings whilst you may think they remain in a private domain can be seen by others and made public. Some people recognize the harm and distress this type of behaviour can cause and can bring it to the attention of the Club or the League. Such comments could also lead to civil court proceedings being brought by affected parties.


This is the Policy stance of EAJFC and this policy is to be read in conjunction with the VCFL CyberSafety Policy which can be found on our website under Club Forms or any Cybersafety issue that does not appear not be covered in our club's policy please refer to the VCFL Policy as this policy supersedes our policy where issues are not accounted for.

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