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Parent Roles

Coach and Team Manager

These roles are appointed to the team for the season, and are a bit too lengthy to be posted here. If you are interested in a coaching or team management role, please speak to a current coach or team manager, or to a committee member


Boundary Umpire

  • One umpire is provided by each team

  • Boundary Umpire must wear a white shirt/top and carry a whistle

  • Boundary Umpire has to follow the general course of play around

  • When the ball goes out of play they signal to the Field Umpire by blowing their whistle and extending both arms at shoulder height

  • When directed by the Field Umpire they must then throw the ball back into play


Goal Umpire

  • One umpire is provided by each team

  • Goal Umpires stand between the large goal posts, behind the boundary line, and are to wear a white coat (supplied by the club)

  • If a goal is scored, two flags (supplied by the club) are waved

  • If a point is scored, one flag is waved

  • The goal umpire at the opposite end of the field to which a score is made mirrors the flag-waving of the scoring end

  • Each goal umpire records on their scorecards (supplied by the club) all scores made at both ends of the field

  • A goal scores six (6) points, a behind or point scores one (1) point


Orange and Lollies

  • The Orange and lollies person does not need to wear any uniform or identifying clothing

  • Their role is to provide some yummy snack and refreshments for the kids, oranges (cut into quarters, or eighths for younger players) to players at half and three-quarter time

  • A large container with a secure-fitting lid is recommended for this purpose


Team Runner 

There is only one Runner per team and they wear the red League issue vest

  • Sole duty is to deliver the coach’s message and then take the most direct route back to the coach immediately after delivering the message

  • The runner is not allowed to remain on the ground and coach they must deliver the message and return to the coaches box.

Time keeper 

  • One Time Keeper is provided by each team

  • The Time Keeper is responsible for matches commencing and running on time so the umpire can watch the game and not his watch



  • It is preferable to have two Trainers for each team. One is located near the Coach and Interchange Area, the other on the opposite side of the field 

  • Ideally at least one (1) trainer will have at least level 1 first aid certificate

  • Trainers wear green or yellow vests

  • The Trainer’s duty is to attend to injured players and then immediately leave the ground

  • Trainers may also act as Water Carrier and take drinks to players

  • Trainers are not to carry messages from the coach and are not to speak to the Umpire(s) or opposition players


Ground Marshall / Umpire Escort

An adult Umpire Escort must be supplied 

  • The ground marshall acts as the Umpire Escort and must wear a yellow vest (supplied by the club)

  • The ground marshall walks the Field Umpire/s from the field at half time and after the match and stands with the Field Umpire at quarter and three quarter time

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